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Elizabeth Kingston lives in Chicago, where she can be found gleefully subverting tropes and inventing new ways to make fictional people kiss. When there's time for it (hint: there's always time for it) she shouts loudly about the intersection of historical romance and white supremacist narratives. Lipstick, skincare, and baked goods all rank high on her list of Other Interests. She sincerely hopes you enjoy her writing, and that you'll share it with others. 


Laura Kinsale is my primary inspiration, in the genre and out of it. (Never get me started on a conversation of her writing, for I will never, ever shut up. You have been warned.) Some books of hers I frequently recommend are:

Flowers from the Storm

The Shadow and the Star

For My Lady's Heart

The Dreamhunter

Lessons In French


.... ah hell, everything she ever wrote, honestly. 


I have a deep and abiding affection for Old School Romance, so 

Jude Devereaux and Judith McNaught have a place in my heart, as does the godmother of them all (though she'd hate that, mwahaha) Georgette Heyer.


Joanna Bourne

Meredith Duran
Sherry Thomas



Peter Beagle

TC Boyle

Tana French
Roxane Gay
Samantha Irby

John Irving

Kazuo Ishiguro
Diana Wynne Jones
Celeste Ng

Kurt Vonnegut

PG Wodehouse

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