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Hello and welcome to my website, where I attempt to give you the information I think you might want about my writing and, to a lesser extent, me. I presume you have come here because you've enjoyed my writing - or hated it and needed to know more about the monster who could inflict such abysmal rubbish on unsuspecting readers. But if you've liked it, I humbly ask you to please tell a friend! Also if you can, please leave an honest review in a place where other readers can find your opinion, such as Amazon or Goodreads or anywhere else you are asked for your opinion. Thank you!
And now for some Relevant Information...
book cover: Fair-skinned woman in Regency gown, coyly peeking out from behind a fan. Colors: pink dress with burgundy lace detail, whte fan, blonde hair on woman, elegant (ivory) house interior as background
Book cover for The Misadventures
Book cover for The King's Man
Book cover for A FALLN LADY
Desire Lines is Book #3 in the Welsh Blades series and it was released on March 21, 2019.

Are you wondering about what's next after Desire Lines? Well, I've begun writing another installment of the Welsh Blades series. It might be the last, but heck if I know anything, it could just as easily spawn 5 more books because the creative process moves in mysterious ways. 

2021 UPDATE: In the Before Time, one could reasonably expect that this Welsh Blades #4 book would be finished and published in 2020. But unfortunately, 2020 happened  -  to me as much as to everyone else on the planet. Now it's 2021, and I continue to work on this book. It simply refuses to come out any faster than a mere thin trickle, one torturously slow word at a time. 

So look: I don't know when it will be finished. Literally no one wants it to be done more than me, yet I cannot make it come out any faster (and believe me, I've tried. For two full years, I have tried.) Please be assured that it is moving forward, even if it's at a glacial pace. Honestly, I've just learned to be glad it's still coming at all, no matter how slowly. Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when it's done - though probably my shout of joy/relief/triumph/release will be heard in all corners of the globe. 

2022 UPDATE: Yes, I am still writing. Yes, it is still a glacial pace. The end is, however, now  in sight. I have no target date and I refuse to get anyone's hopes up, but I think we can reasonably expect it to be done and dusted before 2023. Probably. Hopefully. Anyway, newsletter subscribers will be the first to hear, always assuming I remember how to even send out a newsletter hahaha. 

Are you new to my writing and wondering which book to pick up first? Well, you're in luck because they are all stand-alone novels.* I write in two different time periods: 13th century England/Wales, and Regency England. You can visit the Books page to orient yourself. If Book #2 in a series sounds more interesting to you, then I say go for that one - because I promise you won't be lost, if you start on Book #2. 
* Not The Misadventures, though, which are not novels and are also co-authored, and so not totally mine. The installments should probably be read in order - though to be honest, the plot is hardly the point of those goofy little guys.
​I am incredibly gratified that so many readers want more of my writing! However, I do believe that they feel that way because it's good writing, and I confess that I cannot write both well and quickly. I'm committed to producing high quality work, and for me that requires more time than seems to be common in the genre.  

One of the many reasons I decided to be self-published (and remain so, happily!) is because I did not want to be expected - or required by a publisher - to produce several books a year. It just takes me longer, generally speaking. I do sincerely hope that readers find it worth the wait. You may not like one of my books, but I hope you'll never be able to say that it was hastily churned out. 
If you are here looking for my writings on the topic of white supremacist ideology in Historical Romance, you can find it here: Romanticizing White Supremacy

If you are here looking for the little Welsh Blades #2.5 book (called Nan) that I once made available to subscribers for an extremely limited time, you will not find it. I can promise it's not integral to the series, and you are  not missing anything important. It is no longer available, here or anywhere. Please don't ask me for it. 

I am no longer post at Facebook but I do post compulsively on Twitter, which is my proof that I am not living under a rock. Much. Also, I have an Instagram where I show you pictures of my lipstick every day and also talk a lot about skin care products. Why? Because those are my hobbies and why the heck not?

If you have other questions for me - or care to say anything at all, of course - please do contact me whenever you like. In the meantime, I leave you once again with this picture of a puppy and a fish because in a dark and uncertain world, it makes me smile every damn time.
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