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Reviews and Reviewers

If you would like a copy of any of my works for review, please contact me at and let me know:

1. Which book(s) you're interested in

2. What format you prefer (mobi, epub, pdf, print, audio)

3. Where you review 

Or if you just generally would like to be on a list to be contacted when new releases are available for review, drop me a note and say that's the case. I'm happy to take the initiative to alert you to any future review opportunities, but would never want to contact you unsolicited.

Review copies are available upon request for all my books, no matter the original publication date. 

Please know that I provide review copies with no expectation of a favorable review, or indeed any review at all.  I absolutely understand that reviewers have piles of books to choose from and limited time and space. So while I send a review copy in hopeful anticipation of its being read and reviewed, I would never consider the reviewer to be under any obligations whatsoever. 

And for those of you who have reviewed my books: thank you, thank you, thank you. Whether you loved it or hated it or fell somewhere in between, your reviews have drawn eyes to my books that would never have found me otherwise. I am deeply grateful.

I would send a donut with every copy, if I could. (For serious, I have a donut fixation.)

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