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Welsh Blades

book cover: Close up of fair-skinned man in chain mail, scruffy beginning of beard, holding sword hilt before his chest like a large cross.  Colors: silver chain mail and black leather accents, burnished gold sword hilt, antique gold lettering, gray background
book cover: Fair-skinned woman in medieval gown holding a dagger behind her back. Colors: burgundy and navy dress with gold trim, burnished gold dagger, antique gold lettering, dark gray background

Ladies of Scandal

Book 1:  A Fallen Lady
Book 2:  House of Cads

book cover: Fair-skinned woman in a Regency gown, elbow-length gloves, and pearls. Colors: deep green dress, white gloves, light gray background
book cover: Fair-skinned woman in Regency gown, coyly peeking out from behind a fan. Colors: pink dress with burgundy lace detail, whte fan, blonde hair on woman, elegant (ivory) house interior as background

The Misadventures

Short comedic novellas, a loving parody of Old School Romance, co-authored with Susanna Malcolm

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